Generator Sales

We supply and install Generators after rigorous consultation process to meet your requirements. Our sales team will work with you to provide the best solution to Power your business into the future.

Generator Commisioning

Installation, Commissioning and Monitoring is done by our team of specialist engineers having extensive experience with numerous Installations in Fiji and the Pacific Islands.

Generator Servicing

To ensure the reliability and longevity of your Generator, our in-house service team will conduct regular maintenance checks to ensure your Generator is always ready for optimal performance.



  • Check generator rating in comparison to load demand before installation
  • Physical inspection of the generator at installation site
  • Civil works i.e. plinth construction/cable trench works if required/shed construction
  • Ensure unit is placed on level surface
  • Check oil/coolant & fuel with other visual inspections of engine and control
  • Idle test run generator and record all parameters
  • Indoor or outdoor installation (if indoor then generator ventilation to be checked)
  • Installation of Automatic or Manual Transfer Switch
  • Power cable termination from generator to ATS/MTS and to load
  • Communication cable termination to ATS from generator for remote start and load
  • Pre-commissioning tests
  • Full commissioning and load test
  • Clean the installation site
  • Provide basic generator operation training to the client
  • We also can provide generator remote monitoring, if generator has compatible controller for wireless connection. This will attract additional cost to the customer.
  • All our installation works will be following the local authority regulations


  • Visual inspections of installation, generator, ATS and load
  • Electrical inspections on generator, ATS & load
  • Mechanical inspections on engine
  • Generator control checks
  • Generator protection functional tests
  • Check generator gauges and metering
  • Generator step loading or load run on standalone mode
  • Record all parameters

Monthly Inspection

  • Check oil level
  • Visual check for oil leaks
  • Inspect crankcase breather
  • Check coolant level
  • Visual check for coolant leaks
  • All hoses and clamps
  • Inspect/replace belts and pulleys
  • Radiator cap condition
  • Check fuel level
  • Governor linkage
  • Drain water separator
  • Visual inspection of exhaust system
  • Check for air restrictions
  • Check rain cap
  • Inspect/change air filter
  • Check exhaust smoke
  • Check for correct control operations
  • Check electrical connections
  • Check instruments/display panels
  • Check starting system
  • Test changeover switch
  • Inspect engine mounts
  • Check for abnormal noise
  • Check for abnormal vibration
  • Check operation of emergency switch
  • Clean engine
  • Check batteries
  • Record alternator and engine parameters on idle or load conditions

Annual Inspection

  • Carryout all above checks
  • Change engine oil
  • Change lubrication filters
  • Change coolant
  • Change coolant filters if applicable
  • Change air filter if required
  • Change fuel filters and fuel water separators
  • Clean radiator
  • Load test generator and record all readings
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Next Steps...

Contact us for a meeting to show you how we can provide tailor made solutions to precisely address your requirements.